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Behind the scenes of girl meets world bloopers

Best Friends Whenever actually did have a couple hour long specials, including the finale. That's all i have to say. Hey Unknown, is there a way to block Jamie Davis? I let it ride long enough and now her friend's threatening to break my legs if I steal her ideas. Very honestly I have no idea.

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30 Movie Bloopers That Were So Good, They Made The Final Cut

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Even the most professional and talented actors sometimes forget the lines. Nevertheless, most of them have the talent to improvise and deliver the best performance. You'd be surprised to know how many famous movie scenes happened because the actor was ill, accidentally slipped and fell, or simply improvised.

And while in movies, everything looks like it happens for a reason, the truth is that a lot of things happen as happy accidents. We here at Bored Panda gathered a list of some of the most famous movie bloopers and unscripted scenes that made movies better. Scroll below to see them! This post may include affiliate links. One of the most memorable scenes where mob boss Don Vito Corleone delivers brutal orders while stroking a cat wasn't scripted to involve a pet.

The cute kitten somehow wound up on the set and ended up on actor's lap during shooting helping to create an iconic scene from this famous movie. While the safest choice for a scene like that is to use special effects and make-up, Steve Carell thought that it would be much better if the waxing was real.

The reaction the character is having is completely genuine. Carell said that his experience was so horrible that he promised to never do that for a movie ever again. While it's hard to imagine Jim Gordon's promotion scene without the Joker clapping sarcastically, this scene was never in the script. He portrayed him like a real mastermind, someone intelligent with a sarcastic and unique sense of humor. Not just a crazy guy. The movie had a small budget so most of the people you see in the background are not extras, they are regular people who had no idea they were being filmed.

So the scene where Rocky runs through a market and a man throws him an orange was completely unscripted. During the scene where Eowyn stares into the distance, we can see a flag being ripped off a pole and flying away. While this scene may look intentional and metaphorical, the flag flew away by accident but it fit so well with the scene, that it was kept in the final cut of this popular movie.

The flag ripping off and flying away is such a symbolically cool moment, I can't believe it wasn't intentional! The scene where Mrs. Doubtfire had to cover her face with icing didn't go as planned.

When the icing started dripping down the actor's face because the heat from set lights made it melt, Robbie Williams had to improvise. At the moment when the icing dripped into Mrs. The scene where Indiana Jones meets a warrior armed with a sword was scripted to be an intense duel. However, the actor Harrison Ford was ill from food poisoning and didn't have the strength to perform, so the director made a small change - instead of dueling, Indiana pulls out the revolver and shoots the villain.

The scene became one of the most iconic moments in movie history. I saw this in the theater with my dad. He laughed so hard at this. One of my favorite memories.

The moment when Peter drops the orb was not scripted. The clumsy actor Chris Pratt accidentally dropped it but quickly picked the orb up. Since Chris didn't break character and the scene looked good it stayed in the film. The scene where Thor hangs his hammer on a coat rack was so good that everyone probably thought it was scripted, however, it was not.

Chris Hemsworth was just trying to be funny but his improvisation was so good, the scene was put into the final cut. In the scene, when Princess Leia tells Han Solo that she loves him, he was supposed to respond by saying "I love you too". However, Harrison Ford felt that this response wasn't suitable for his character, so instead, he improvised and responded by saying "I know". And by that he created one of the most iconic moments in the movies; it wouldn't have been as memorable if he had just replied "I love you too" back.

People call me Forrest Gump" wasn't scripted, Tom Hanks said the last bit by accident. The director could not stop Robert Downey Jr.

So all the scenes of Tony Stark eating are probably not scripted. In this film, Anne Hathaway portrayed an awkward and geeky girl who finds out she's heir apparent to the throne of Genovia. While filming a scene where the character was supposed to walk on bleachers with her friend, Anne took a pretty nasty tumble. However, it fitted so well with the clumsy character that this unscripted accident was left in the film. Leonardo DiCaprio is an excellent actor who doesn't break character even when he hurts himself.

He proved that during an intense scene when he hurt his arm with a shard of glass and blood started gushing from his wound. This scene wasn't scripted and the blood was real, it was left in the final cut because of the amazing acting. In this movie, Anthony Hopkins only had 25 minutes of screen time, however, it was enough time for him to create one of the most chilling performances of all time.

One of the most iconic scenes was when Dr. Hannibal Lecter is talking about his crimes with an FBI agent and starts to hiss. It was completely improvised and the reaction on Foster's face is genuine. Lecter could be treated with drugs called monoamine oxidase inhibitors — MAOIs. As a psychiatrist, Lecter knows this. Liver, beans, wine. The famous line "I am the king of the world" wasn't scripted, it was made up on the spot by the director.

After trying several different lines, James Cameron realized that nothing was working and told Leo to just say "I am the king of the world" and really sell it. This scene became probably the most iconic part of the movie.

I think everyone who has ever been on a boat or a mountain top says this. You just have to. The line-up scene where we see characters laughing was supposed to be a serious one. The director was angry at the actors for cracking up, but they said they couldn't keep a straight face on because one of them was farting during filming. During the scene where a character played by Kate Winslet disappears, the look on Jim Carrey's face is genuine. He wasn't told that Kate will disappear, so he was really trying to find her.

Lee Ermey, who played Gny. Hartman, was a real-life Parris Island Marine drill instructor during the war. At first, he was hired as a technical adviser but later was given a part in the film and improvised all training scenes himself. The scene in Dirty Dancing where Johnny and Baby are crawling towards each other on the floor wasn't scripted. They were just warming up before filming, but the director loved it, so it was kept in the film.

I miss Swayze. He was an amazing dancer and person. Imagine Ellen and Swayze dancing together during one of her interviews. While filming, Dustin Hoffman accidentally passed gas, however, he and Tom Cruise made it look like it was part of the scene.

Actors managed to stay in character and spontaneously created such a good scene that it became a fan favorite. Al Pacino prepared for his part by not allowing his eyes to focus on anything. He got so good at simulating blindness, that he could barely see anything. The scene on the street, where the actor fell over a garbage can, happened by accident because of his bad vision.

Do you remember one of the funniest scenes in the movie, when Roman said "Hey Mia, You better hide your baby oil" and Hobbs responded with "You better hide that big ass forehead"? Well, actor Dwayne Johnson came up with this comeback on the spot because in the script his character wasn't supposed to respond at all.

The scene where actor Daryl Hannah runs away panicking, but along the way slips and shatters a window of the van with her elbow looks completely scripted, however, it was an accident. Turns out Hannah slipped accidentally and was taken to the hospital because she broke her elbow. It's probably not so surprising that cringy scene in which Matthew McConaughey is banging his chest wasn't in the script. Matthew revealed that he was doing it before each take as a relaxation technique.

Leonardo DiCaprio suggested using in the scene and it fit perfectly. The famous scene where Nick the Greek breaks the coffee table with a juice glass wasn't scripted. The scene where Tom Hanks picks up the gurney himself and throws it into the ambulance wasn't scripted, he thought of doing it that on the spot. Remember the scene where Terry says that if he were a lion and Allen were tuna, he would swim into the ocean and eat Allen?

Well according to the script, Aleen wasn't supposed to respond, but the actor decided to improvise by explaining why a swimming lion is a stupid idea. The epic plate throwing scene in this movie was improvised.

In the script, Lester Burnham throws the plate at the floor, however, Kevin Spacey decided to violently throw it into the wall right behind Thora Birch's back, landing genuine reactions from the actors in the scene. It's a shame he's another example of a great actor who in real life is a monster. It's like he is two different people. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app.

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Girl Meets World – World Meets Girl

There are montages highlighting beloved characters and relationships like the love triangle between Riley, Lucas Peyton Meyer and Maya. And the show airs bloopers of the cast being silly and fun while messing up scenes. Light up the stars. The cast of Girl Meets World gives the fans watching from home a behind the scenes tour of the set of the show.

Too much! Related stories. Girl Meets World Cancelled?

The library is currently closed. Contact us for help with this item. We are sorry, we do not have information about other items like this. Because onsite access to the libraries is not possible, we are not able to retrieve or scan material at this time; however, we can help you locate digital material that is comparable to physical items.

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The idea came from an ABC producer named Jim Janicek, who fondly remembered watching a Disney comedy block when he was a child. As such, he recommended that ABC bundle a few family sitcoms they were working on together in order to incentivize viewers to not change the channel for a few hours. The idea was a tremendous success, and it resulted in shows like Dinosaurs , Full House , and Family Matters becoming hit shows as well as cultural institutions. As such, there were many facts about the most infamous of TGIF shows that we were not privy to during their initial run. Stamos relented, and the rest is history. As such, they devoted most of their resources to it, and barely promoted Sabrina at all. This has led many to believe that ABC simply hated the show. There are many, many reasons an actor or actress might leave a show during the height of its popularity. Others decide to parlay their stardom into other opportunities. Some just want to do something new.

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On September 24, , television audiences were introduced to Cory Matthews Ben Savage and his lovable group of friends, family members, and one very important teacher when Boy Meets World made its premiere on ABC. Over the course of seven seasons, fans followed the teen shenanigans of Cory and his buddies, including best friend Shawn Rider Strong and girlfriend Topanga Danielle Fishel. In , old and new fans alike got to revisit Cory and Topanga—now married—as they raised their own teenage daughter in a spinoff, Girl Meets World. On the 25th anniversary of the original series's premiere, here are 25 things you might not have known about Boy Meets World.

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In this special episode, the cast gives the viewers a look behind the scenes of the show. They introduce the writers and crew of the show and give a tour of the studio, the costume and prop departments, and their off-screen school. Later, live audience members take part in a question and answer session with the cast and crew.

Girl meets world

Truthfully this was the worst thing they have produced for either series. Instead of an episode with some behind the scenes stuff, this was nothing more than extras on a DVD box set, except they don't produce them. I would rather rewatch the World of Terror episodes or Meets Fish. I'm sure the 14 year old girls enjoyed it, but I can't imagine any adult viewer would have thought this was worth the money they spent to produce it.


Girl Meets World -Girl Meets Texas - Part 3


Jan 6, - Girl Meets World Reviewed: World Meets Girl (S3E19) Sale") and sometimes some show will do a gag/blooper reel during the end credits roll. This wasn't a behind the scenes special where we find out how episodes are.








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