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Best looking female pool players

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Emily Dude is the most attractive but most female pool players are at number He started his professional career in , at the age of Ninth in our list. Today, Mary lives in Fort Watt, Texas. At 14, he began shooting billiards.

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Top 10 Most Attractive Billiards Players

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McGinnis powdered her hands. She picked up her cue. The men tried to act nonchalant, but as they watched McGinnis dispatch their friends one after another, they shifted nervously from foot to foot.

McGinnis played a straightforward game, not chatting or joking with anyone as she played, the balls clacking cleanly as she cleared the table. The manager teased that he should borrow a bowling ball from the alley next door and paint a big 8 on it, so the men stood a chance.

But it was a weak joke. And she beat them all. That was just an average day at the tables for McGinnis, who triumphed in the male enclave of the pool room, earning her the nickname "The Queen of Billiards.

She excelled. Pool was a big deal in those days. But during McGinnis' age this was not the case. McGinnis' game, popular in the s, was straight pool, which is what Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason play in the iconic film The Hustler. Today, if you walk into an American bar with pool tables, patrons are likely playing 8-ball.

In straight pool, the player calls what ball she will try for—stripes or solids doesn't matter. If she sinks 14 balls in a row or "runs a 14," she can use the 15th to start into another rack and continue shooting. National and world title-holder Mary Kenniston has met people over the years who knew McGinnis. That means, he's a really good player.

Or she's a really good player. McGinnis studied to become a physical education teacher, but when she graduated from Stroudsburg Teachers' College in , the Great Depression was ravaging America.

Lower-end pool halls had become magnets for seediness, where unemployed men whiled hours away. Women faced harassment and struggled to find mentors. But McGinnis, a rare left-hander, found work shooting pool anyway. She logged close to 28, miles a season touring the country as part of an industry movement to paint pool as wholesome, says Dyer.

The program was called "Better Billiards" and the sponsor, the National Billiard Association of America, paid for McGinnis to visit well-established halls to give a brief talk about pool, do some trick shots, and then take on the local champion. The women in the audience clapped as she pocketed ten balls, one after the other, leaving Lenhart in the dust. Other headlines also show that she didn't require an introduction. Morning Call in This attention countered social norms of the time, when women athletes were considered "a spectacle—not serious athletes," says Alison M.

Wrynn, a professor at California State, Long Beach who studies sports and gender. She says that the most accomplished female athlete of this era, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, medalled in track and field at the Olympics in Los Angeles, but that during most of the rest of the s, struggled to find a sport to play professionally. She eventually helped found the LPGA. Didrikson was such a predominant athlete that promoters believed she could compete with McGinnis at pool, and that the combined celebrity would prove a draw.

So in , the two played a much-hyped six-day pool match. Didrikson was no match for McGinnis, who won, Later, McGinnis, who also excelled at other sports, toured with Didrikson's basketball team.

Tournament play of the time was restricted to men, who competed for purses that Dyer says could reach into the thousands of dollars, not including the side wagers that players might place. Sports reporters covered high-level matches, and hundreds of fans would gather to watch high-level competition in bigger pool halls, says Dyer, who notes that world professional champion Ralph Greenleaf performed for thousands of spectators, and even in a Broadway theater.

McGinnis, who was paid for her part on the tour, played primarily in exhibition contests, which could have anywhere from dozens to hundreds of audience members. In , she beat Greenleaf in a 6-block match. From to , McGinnis only lost 29 out of 1, matches, a winning percentage of 0.

She had a high run of The lack of an official designation wasn't easy for her. She sometimes played local female champions, but they were never anywhere near a match for her. That makes my title of world's champion seem meaningless. Contemporary commentary reflected the pressure McGinnis felt. She noted that because she had to maintain propriety, ten-foot tables rather than her preferred nine-foot ones irked her.

A male player could "put his legs all over the table—I can't," she said. One reporter wrote that McGinnis was probably single because "while most men will brave the rolling pin, few would allow the reach advantage offered by a pool cue. The criticism may have stung, but it didn't stop her from proving him wrong. Dyer agrees. If I played that way I'd be a case for an institution in a few weeks.

McGinnis competed in the New York state meet in , the first woman in a major tournament. She defeated a man in a third-round match, but lost in the end, to In , she became the first woman ever to compete for the world pocket billiard title. And the other two percent are just so stunned that they'd want to pay and watch you play. In fact, many of pool's followers then believed that women were physically and mentally incapable of excelling at the sport.

And then Ruth McGinnis came along and proved all of them wrong, and in the most dramatic way imaginable. She made headlines throughout America as a winning sensation, as a woman who could stand up to the very best men. In this very important way Ruth McGinnis broke down barriers in what had been a quintessentially male endeavor. For her part, McGinnis didn't see herself as particularly gifted.

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Archaeology U. History World History Video Newsletter. Mike Shamos of the Billiard Archive. Like this article? Comment on this Story.

Clean Pool

Posted by: in Sports. Whether you agree or not, it is my personal choice of the top 7 most beautiful billiards players of USA. Here are the top 7 hottest and attractive pool players from around the USA.

Years before I ever began writing about pool, the staple of tournament play was straight pool, and the Billiard Congress of America U. Open was played annually in Chicago. Early in the meet, I clearly remember trying to watch the fine Brooklyn player Frank McGown practice one day.

Wonder 37 Views. Agree or disagree, but this is my personal selection of the 10 most attractive billiard players. I want to encourage you to look at their biographies. Places among the top 10 best pool players in the US.

Masako Katsura

Billiards is not a sport exclusive to men, and these prettiest billiard players prove that they can be just as good as their male counterparts. Their skills on the table have actually made them much more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of their spectators. In China where it is inherent for locals to be competitive , billiards and Chinese 8-ball are gaining popularity and these pretty girls surely contributed to that. Emily Duddy is considered as one of the most attractive and hottest women pool players. She started playing billiards at the young age of 14 years old. Mary also used to be a martial arts instructor, a model, and a painter. Since , she has been a touring professional. An interesting fact about her is that she can play the violin, and she is also a synchronized swimmer. Angelina enjoys modelling and acting.

Ruth McGinnis: The Queen of Billiards

There are a lot of beautiful women who play pool and billiards. So many that you can't make a Top 10 list. Born in , we first learned of Russian Pyramid champion Anastasia Luppova from Inside Pool magazine a number of years ago. Anastasia is a two time European Pyramid champion, as well as the winner of the Moscow championship and certified by Russia as a "Master of Sport".

McGinnis powdered her hands.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. She actually wrote this article for Pooldawg over 5 years ago April of ! She is now starring in her 2nd reality TV show and has a huge fan following.

Top female billiard players

Katsura blazed a trail for women in the sport by competing and placing among the best in the male-dominated world of professional billiards. First learning the game from her brother-in-law and then under the tutelage of Japanese champion Kinrey Matsuyama , Katsura became Japan's only female professional player. In competition in Japan, she took second place in the country's national three-cushion billiards championship three times. In exhibition she was noted for running 10, points at the game of straight rail.

Female Pool Players. Before you became the owner of a pool hall, the majority of you either a had good stick yourselves, or b had a passion for the game, or a combination of both. Most of you probably hung out in halls for hours and hours, playing, and observing all the action that goes on in a hall. I could open a pool hall, do something I not only know a lot about and am passionate about, AND make a living probably better than these guys are doing it! In many aspects, this method of acquiring ownership of a business parallels many other industries. The independent auto repair shop is a great example of this.

TOP 7 Pretty Women Billiards Pool Player On The World

One strength that pool has is male and female's can compete on a level playing field. And do you think they could beat the top Male players of today? On any given day, in their prime, any of those three could beat any male on any given day playing 9 ball. I'd love to see her and Segal play again. Balukas, Jeanette, Fisher all come to mind. I think Jeanette has put herself in action playing men, women whoever.

The Top Beautiful Woment In Billiard Pool On Over The WorldVery beautiful and very good pool players.

Agree or disagree, but these are my personal selection of the top 10 most attractive billiards players. I encourage you to check out their biographies. Ranked as one of the top 10 best women pool players in USA.

Top 5 Most Attractive Female Billiard Players – Hottest Billiard Players

Here is a common female fantasy -- a corollary to the male dream of sitting at the piano at a party and mesmerizing all the women with a dazzling rendition of "Rhapsody in Blue. The heroine, dressed for dancing, is taken there by her date. Preening, he racks the balls and shows her how to hold a cue.

Top Prettiest Billiard Players

Billiard is considered a men's sport, but this thought is totally wrong. If we look for the best players in the world we can find great female talents capable of dealing with the most expert male players. We bring you some of the most outstanding female players worldwide.



Sexiest Women in Pool & Billiards



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