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Best vegas outfits for guys

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When you picture Las Vegas, you may picture men in shark suits smoking cigars around a craps table. The reality is that dress has generally become much more casual in Sin City. But, is there an advantage to sticking to the more formal roots of Vegas? What should you pack for your next casino trip?

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What to Wear in Vegas - A Style Guide

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Las Vegas used to be where men dressed to the hilt. Rat Pack players basically created the suited iconography of the place. Of course, these days, you're more likely to see graphic T-shirts and baggy cargo shorts rather than sharkskin suits. But there is a happy medium: a way to dress that maintains the easy comfort of the modern era without sacrificing the cool style of the past.

And even if you pack on the fly and forget something, the Strip is studded with great stores, like custom tailoring destination STITCHED in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas , a go-to spot for perfectly fitted suits, sport coats, and dress shirts.

No matter your style, there's a way to look great while visiting Las Vegas. So whether you're dressing for a day poolside or a night at the casino, here's what to wear while in town, and, more importantly, how to wear it. While sitting at the gaming tables, you want to look and be comfortable, but not like that hapless tourist who's ready to hand over the entire contents of his wallet.

Casual-but-crisp style is the move here, which you can do by focusing on fit and sticking to darker colors. Pair selvedge jeans with a navy oxford button-down shirt—the contrasting fabrics will break up the monochromatic color-scheme—and minimalist brown leather sneakers.

Just because you're there for a dip and a sip doesn't mean you have to neglect style. For a day by the pool—like Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan—go with a pair of printed swim trunks and a short-sleeved linen shirt. Rather than flip-flops, try canvas espadrilles: They're much classier.

And a great pair of shades finishes off the look. Vegas has a lot to offer, which means you'll likely spend at least part of the day in the hot Nevada sun. Rather than ill-fitting shorts and that ratty tee, opt for a summer-on-the-Mediterranean look with a striped T-shirt, khaki chinos, white canvas sneakers, and a pair of aviators. The combo will keep you cool in more ways than one. The desert can get chilly at night, so if you're enjoying a meal outside, it's a good idea to wear a light second layer.

Stick with a summer color palette, and pair a sweater with a tee, white jeans, and a pair of suede bluchers. You'll maintain that summer vibe without sacrificing comfort. While the days of dressing to the nines in Sin City are over, it's still important to pull yourself together when you're out on the town. A navy double-breasted blazer with a crisp white shirt and black jeans is a solid way to feel nighttime-appropriate without going overboard. Finish the look off with a pair of black loafers rather than oxfords.

Weston, mrporter. If you do want to harness that Rat Pack vibe, especially for a night in the casino or a club, a suit is still a solid option.

Simply dress it down with sneakers and a tee. You may not win big, but at least you'll look like you did. United States. Created for. Type keyword s to search. Designed by Amy Armani. Daytime at the Casino While sitting at the gaming tables, you want to look and be comfortable, but not like that hapless tourist who's ready to hand over the entire contents of his wallet.

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Men have it much tougher when compared to women in regards to the rules for club attire. Each and every club in Las Vegas heavily enforces a dress code and restricted attire for men. Just know that you will want to follow the rules and come dressed to impress when you arrive at the venue because they are strict and turn tons of guys away each night for not meeting the club attire. There is likely nothing worse than getting to the club, waiting in line, and then not getting in with the rest of your group because you are wearing the wrong clothes. For starters let's begin with the restrictions.

Las Vegas used to be where men dressed to the hilt. Rat Pack players basically created the suited iconography of the place.

I've never been able to figure out which shorts are the nice ones, so I stick to pants if I go out to a nice restaurant. Fortunately from what I have seen the restaurants at Cosmo aren't that nice. It's up to you. There are only one or two restaurants in Las Vegas that wouldn't let you in.

What Should You Wear in Las Vegas?

From the Bellagio to Caesars Palace, every thrill-seeker needs first-class garbs when strutting into the city of sin. You can finish the look with slip-on shoes— a must-wear in Vegas. For shoes, a rustic pair of leather thong sandals offer a cool, vintage feel. Fill your belly while looking trendy. Vegas demands you don your slickest slim-fit long sleeve shirt. And here, the collar style matters; nothing too loose around the neck, so ideally, a frontpoint or button down collar. The bottoms call for trousers, chinos or a funky patterned pair if you're whimsically fashionable like that. Your shoes can be oxfords, chukka boots or loafers. So play like a winner and save time by wearing your dinner attire to the casino.

Las Vegas Dress Code for Men & Women

Clubs have very explicit rules about which types of shoes are permissible. Wear dress shoes or loafers. Sneakers, sandals, work boots, and boat shoes are fine for walking around the Strip, but not inside many formal establishments. Next up, pants. Keep it simple.

However, sometimes people might take the uninhibited and over the top glamour of the city too literally, making some wacky fashion choices. While you want comfort during the day, you want to look as sharp as you can during the night.

Visiting Las Vegas can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people so it makes sense that when they hit the casinos and clubs of Sin City they want to ensure they are suitably dressed for the occasion. The casinos on the Strip are renowned across the world so a night out at the Caesars Palace or Bellagio is a must for the vast majority of tourists. However, the casino can be a real minefield for players at the tables. Your dress code can be the difference between players fearing you at the tables or disrespecting you.

What to Wear for a Night on the Town in Las Vegas for Men

There is both an official and unofficial dress code for the nightclubs in Vegas. After going out to the clubs here for several years now I have been able to piece together what is allowed, not allowed and what actually looks good. This is a complete guide to what men should wear.

When you start packing for your Las Vegas trip, you need to consider the time of year you'll be there and what you will be doing. You may be surprised to learn that the weather in Vegas is not the same year-round and you will have to pack some sweaters for chillier desert nights, especially during the winter months. Once you have your plans in order, you can start packing with the following tips in mind. If you don't plan on hitting up the clubs or eating at fine dining establishments every night, you don't need to be concerned about getting too dressed up. Feel free to dress casually as you explore Vegas, meaning nice jeans or slacks with a collared shirt for men and a casual dress or slacks for women. At casinos, the dress code is also casual during the day though it becomes a bit more formal in the evening.

Dress Code: Get the Las Vegas Look

Whether you are a Las Vegas local or a visitor in the town, one thing people will always come together on is the Sin City nightlife. Yet, before you make the decision to step out and enjoy the town, make sure you come prepared because if you are not, it could get a bit embarrasing for you. The city that you might see in the day time is by far not the city that you see at night. From the lights that light up the sky to the constant non stop traffic of people, Las Vegas is truly an entertainment town and if you want to participate in the after hours fun, you are going to have to make sure that you dress the part. If you do not, then your night life is going to be limited to slot machines and endless walking. Most casinos will have a night club or a lounge that consists of not only a wide range of music, but ushers at the door who have a main purpose of not just making sure that the people entering their establishment are of age, but that they are dressed to impress! In a different town that could mean a number of different things, but in Las Vegas dressing to impress, simply put, means pull out you best threads and do not be shy about it!

Each and every club in Las Vegas heavily enforces a dress code and restricted attire for men. Know what works and what doesn't.

MGM Resorts has temporarily suspended operations at its Las Vegas properties for the good of its guests, employees and communities. Learn More. Join today and receive:.

Wearing dark colors and neatly pressed items will help impress doormen and new friends. Las Vegas nightclubs famously cater to female clientele, hoping to fill their dance floors with gorgeous women wearing glamorous dresses. Leave your torn jeans, hiking boots, ironic T-shirts and tank tops at home — or save those for casual daytime adventures in Vegas.






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