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Cute rude names to call your boyfriend

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We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Is "honey" getting old? You might want to consider using some of these German terms of endearment for your sweetheart.

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1700+ Nicknames for Boyfriends

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We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Is "honey" getting old? You might want to consider using some of these German terms of endearment for your sweetheart.

Careful, though — not all of them sound flattering, and they might take some getting used to. Mice aren't exactly the sweetest creatures around. They're known for making loud scurrying noises, carrying germs, and being hard to catch. Nevertheless, it's quite common for a man to call his girlfriend or wife a "Maus.

As you can imagine, "Hase" is also more commonly used for women than men. Real bunnies tend to be a bit cuter than mice, which may have to do with the fact that their classification as rodents was revoked back in now they're so-called lagomorphs.

Catchy nicknames certainly aren't reserved for women though. It's best used for men whose tummies look like they could be full of honey - and are perfect for cuddling up on. Nevertheless, watch out! If a guy calls you a snail, he may want to get under your shell. The trouble is, there's no exact English translation for it.

It's merely a cute-sounding word the Germans made up to dote on the people they love. Try it out on your sweetheart and see what happens!

Lest you get the wrong idea, German certainly does include some terms of endearment that actually have an attractive literal meaning, even though "Perle" pearl does still have a close link to the animal kingdom.

You won't hear this nickname all over Germany; it's a favorite in the Ruhr Valley, the country's industrial heartland. Liebling can be used as a prefix meaning "favorite. You could say, then, that your Liebling is your favorite person. Snails and mice may not be particularly sweet, but that doesn't mean Germans don't want to recognize the sugary quality of their loved ones.

You don't have to go to the end of the rainbow to find it, because "Schatz" is by far the most common German term of endearment. It's popular among lovers and old married couples, but also used for children.

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Know These Cutest Names You Can Call Your Man!

All the relations are important. In this world, people come with some relations that are really a blessing of God. You get these relations by birth.

Sam wishes you happiness forever in your relationship. And if you aren't in one yet, it will be OK!

In many families and relationships, if you hear your first name…you are probably in some kind of trouble! Instead of using names, people often use terms of endearment , which are affectionate loving nicknames. Some people only use them with their husband or wife. And some other people only use these nicknames in their families.

Cute and Funny Nicknames for Couples

The research into the most loved and hated terms of affection found 'Babe' to be the most loathed way to refer to a loved one. By contrast terms like 'gorgeous', 'beautiful' and 'lovely' are still considered acceptable, according to a new survey by domain website siteopia. Just one in five Brits actually calls their partner by their full name most of the time, with the same number reserving a private nickname they use when it's just the two of them. And the men studied admitted they refer to their partner with names they would only use while she was out of earshot. Three per cent of men polled admitted using the unflattering epithet 'The Wicked Witch of the West'. A softer one in ten blokes admitted they let their partner call them a soppy nickname that they would dread their mates ever finding out. But one in ten Brits has been found out on a private nickname - 44 per cent used it accidentally when others were around, while friends accidentally reading private texts or cards brought it out in the open for three in ten. Do you agree with the full list?

415 Cute Little Things To Call Your Boyfriend… Just Because!

I am your typical family man with a wife and two kids. The nickname I use for my wife may or may not be included on this list. Whether you're a girl trying to find a few boyfriend nicknames, a guy trying to find girlfriend nicknames, or anything and everything in between—you always want to come up with something a little bit different than what everyone else is using. This is much more difficult than it sounds.

Often you want to call your special someone a name that is just a personal memory of your time together.

Jump to navigation. Not in use so much for the younger generations, but still a solid nickname with a lot of mileage left. Your sex life might be off the charts , but maybe try to pick a nickname that doesn't scream this so overtly.

Most-hated pet names for partners revealed

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Are you looking for a funny nickname that fits your boyfriend to a tee? Then try one of these funny nicknames on for size and see if it fits! This article contains a list of cute but funny nicknames for boyfriends. Hopefully, you will find the perfect nickname for him. Gizmo — Is he small and cute like the Mogwai or is he obsessed with the newest gadgets and gizmos on the market? Bambi — Do those big brown eyes get you every time?

Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend, According to Guys

When in love, we do things we are least expected to do and we justify all these acts by claiming that we are doing them out of love. One example of doing things out of pure love is calling our special one with a nickname. Below are listed some nicknames you can call your boyfriend. Do not make a nickname out of a negative trait or flaw that your boyfriend has, for example calling him shorty is insensitive and hurtful. You want to avoid names previously used for ex-lovers so be very careful when choosing a nickname. You can coordinate nicknames with your boyfriend. For instance if he calls you Juliet, you can call him Romeo.

Jan 19, - That's when we call them with different cute, funny and romantic nicknames, don't we? If you're still looking for the perfect nickname for your.


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