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Like This:. Emo is a term coined from the word emotional which pertains to a fusion of punk rock and alternative music genre. Today, the emo hairstyle is not just embraced by people who are into the music scene but also those who are into fashion. Emo does not really pertain to a single type of haircut that is generic for everyone who would like to achieve this look. There are just key characteristics that have to be followed and the rest depends on how you would like to play with your cut and style.

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15 Emo Hairstyles for Guys That Will Make You Look Dashing and Trendy

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The emo hairstyles for guys have come a long way since the s when it was all about punk music in the streets. That was then but now you do not have to be affiliated to any kind of music to have the emo cut. Well, if you are looking for befitting emo hairstyles for guys, you are such in luck because here are the best of all-time emo cuts.

The side sweep is one way to keep tab on your long hair that you never want to trim. One side without the sweep is combed backwards while the sweep is dragged to the other side and left into two layers. The lower layer falls as low as the end of the cheek with straight pointing tips.

The sides are shaved to an inch length and a brown heart shape drawn on one of the sides. The Mohawk is divided into 2: the back and the top. It leaves a racing impression that will be a catch in the streets. Swashbuckling is a great style but it is even greater when it is left loose. The tangles originate from the mid-top head and let to run around it like shrubs fully covering the back and the sides.

At the front is a slight tilt to keep it away from blocking the eye view. Source Source. The style is like a wig growing from the center-top of the head. The hair is combed into fine yarn that is only separated at the ends. At the front there is a single thick fine combed bundle that rests between the eyebrows and ends at the middle of the nose.

This is a colorful and outstanding style that is noticeable from far. On one side, the hair is combed towards the front and left to hang around the left temple and cheek. The other side has a long sweep that ends at the shoulder level. It is an amazing style that will not be a common sight. The sister look has that name because it is borrowed from the gals but it looks even better on guys.

Both sides are like girdles formed by the thick mop that covers the entire sides leaving the face looking like a clearing with a thick bush. One of the eyes is slightly covered but the view is open. The color is something you will love about the blue feather style.

The sweep is drawn from the back and tilted to end on the opposite side. The other side is combed to the front to form a fine run that covers the ear and half of the cheek.

A greater chunk of the top hair is moved into a forward arc that goes backwards once it reaches the front hairline. The sides are of single layers of lose bundles that hang loosely to cover the ears. To support the emo, a muffin would be ideal at the calf of the back head. The rock black is a top emo style that would leave a stunning impression on you.

It is even made better with black dyed lashes. The curls are left to do their wild thing with only a single bundle of strands partly obstructing one of the eyes. Seemingly coming from the beginning of the back head drop, the grey emo comes all the way to fully cover the cheeks and form a fence-like impression around the eyes. It is simple but definitely a great look on you. The top layer begins at the fall of the back head and grows towards the front.

It parts into 2 and each part falls to one side of the cheeks. The back layer flows backwards from the drop of the back head and rests on the entire back neck. At the front, a blue sweep is drawn to one side covering the entire forehead up to the eyebrows. The sides are drawn forwards to cover the cheeks entirely while the top is pulled to as far as the eyebrows but does not make any contact. The eye view is left in the clear and no doubt this is a hot style.

For the guys who love their long hair running down, this is emo style is for them. The hair is left to grow to the shoulder level but all in a smooth texture. One side slightly blocks the eye view. Just like the name, this style comes in a variety of colors all in one. Here you can have light blue tips, purple at the middle and golden-brown at the roots. It almost covers the eye but their lifted ends leave a clear front view.

It covers both ears with a slight obstruction on one of the eyes. With a thick part that ends at the shoulder level on one side and a thinner one that ends at the cheek on the other side, sexy guy emo deserves such a name. It gives handsomeness and confidence that ladies would fall for. Long hair drops from the top downwards only to end abruptly before reaching the shoulders.

Part of one eye is covered while the other is left in the open. It is a breathtaking look to pull whenever you want fun. Brown hair is never short of styles. The brown sideburns emo is a great look for the guys with brown hair. The sides are covered with long curls that end up at the chin level.

One side is longer than the other. A few bundles make it to the front face but are swept across before reaching the eye brows. With faded line starting from one corner of the forehead, the top hair is divided into asymmetrical patches. Each is dropped to one side with the longer one covering the ear and partly one eye.

The shorter side covers half the cheek leaving a clear view of the parted top. Curls will always find a way to look great on you. The helmet curls fall around the head and at the front they are grooved to a side sweep that completely obscures one of the eyes. The warrior Mohawk may be an ancient style but it has never lost its appeal among guys. The sides are not shaved but the hair is rather combed downwards. The top is given the vertical crown and a bandana tied around the head to keep low hair profile at the back and front.

Blonde is naturally excellent hair but you can still add some twists to make it more glorious. Curls are let to take their natural course before styled on the sides to face the front and the back to fall to the neck region.

The top patch is allowed forwards extensions only to be swept to one side and left hanging close to the side of one eye.

A thick mop originates somewhere slightly above one facial line and drawn down to cover the ear. The other side does not go beyond the ear level and is sparse with hair. One bundle of strands makes a grove around the eye but steers away from blocking the view. Long hair does not only have to be vertical.

You can let it fall down to the sides to whatever length it may go. With a small part over one of the eyebrows, the longer side can drop beyond the shoulder level. The other side is brought to the front over the shoulder. One eye is partly covered by the longer side. Red or brown hair is pulled from the top to the sides to form a conclave around the neck. On one side, the eye is partly blocked but you can still see clearly.

The longer side is like a sweep that ends slightly above the ear level with a distance from the side hair. None of the eyes is covered. Those with sparse hair do not have to look for thick options to have an emo look. The annoyed white would be a suitable style for them.

With an origin at the back top head, straight strands are allowed to run down free. This is for those who want a short emo style that is easy to keep.

All hair is dragged to the front. The sides are left with hanging tips at both sides of the front cheeks. At the front, the hair is trimmed to a length that partly covers the eyes.

Ears and the back of the neck are invisible. The front is the most pronounced part of this hairstyle. Top patch is drawn to the front but abruptly swept across the face slightly covering the eyebrows.

The cheeks and ears are soaked into the side mops but the eyes are left in the clear. For those without natural curly hair, you do not have to induce curls. You can let your straight hair fall to the sides, back and front to form what looks like multiple falls. The front fall should be shortened to give way for the eye view. Letting the curls and waves grow is not such a bad idea as long as you will refine them at the forehead.

Let them grow downwards but you sweep them across the forehead to secure your view. The golden, brown and red combination is a phenomenal style. You can let your hair bundles point to different directions but ensure the red patch forms an overly arc on the right eye slightly covering it.

This is a rocking style that is timeless and flexible.

50 Modern Emo Hairstyles for Guys

If you think that emo hairstyles are only suitable for the girls, you are wrong. Short emo hair for guys are also in trending now. For a more cool look, boys are dying their hair with different colors. So, if you want to adopt an emo look keep reading the article to know how to style boys short emo hair in diverse ways! Try these styles to stand out from the crowd!

Emo hairstyles for guys are all about self-expression and non-conformity. Often associated with popular punk music culture, emo hair boys and guys sport funky styles with dark or vibrant colors to create unique looks. Ultimately, the goal of emo haircuts is to stand out in society and promote individualism.

Most emo hairstyles for guys used to be about wearing your hair as black as possible in the traditional emo swoop. Things are changing a bit, and we see much more color and creativity. Keep scrolling to find out. We begin with the classic emo swoop but this time in a bright mint green. Emo swoops are also known as emo shags.

Top Five Emo Hairstyles for Guys

Updated: May 1, Reader-Approved References. Emo is a deep and artistic subculture, as well as a music genre, that values authenticity and powerful, sometimes dark, emotions. The emo "look" has been around for decades but is a timeless style for teens and young adults. The way you dress, put on makeup, and do your hair can all brand your personal style as "emo. To look emo, pair vintage or band shirts with dark skinny jeans or skirts. For example, you could wear an emo band t-shirt, a red flannel, and black skinny jeans. For shoes, go for canvas shoes, combat boots, or sneakers.

40 Sexy Emo Hairstyles For Guys – Creative Ideas

The emo hairstyles for guys have come a long way since the s when it was all about punk music in the streets. That was then but now you do not have to be affiliated to any kind of music to have the emo cut. Well, if you are looking for befitting emo hairstyles for guys, you are such in luck because here are the best of all-time emo cuts. The side sweep is one way to keep tab on your long hair that you never want to trim. One side without the sweep is combed backwards while the sweep is dragged to the other side and left into two layers.

Emo Hairstyles for Guys: Boys and guys can get enough inspiration from the emo hairstyles for guys, which is now a trend setter, when it comes to flaunting the latest fashion in hairstyles. What actually is an emo haircut?

Some men choose the emo look, often based on their interest in punk rock music and the desire to stand out among the crowd. Many emo hairstyles embody a funky, but cool look that allows men to show some individuality. Long locks are a common theme, although there are at least five top emo hairstyles for guys to choose from that help them encompass the emo culture. A popular emo hairstyle is having the hair swooped to one side.

12 Unique Short Emo Hairstyles for Guys (2020)

December 4, By Jeffery R. Hamilton 1 Comment. Want a look that mixes attitude, personality, and also expresses your music tastes?

These looks include bold colors and noticeable layers, and can definitely be categorized as attention-grabbing. That said, narrowing down the options to emo hairstyles for guys that are flattering and current can be a bit of a challenge. Ask your stylist for scattered red highlights and pair them with a gravity-defying spiked up look for a classic emo style. For Hair Care. Opt for a full set of grown-out bangs and sweep them to the side for a mysterious and punk rock-esque emo look. Determined to keep your hair long?

Emo Haircuts:15 Best Emo Hairstyles for Men and Boys 2018

Emo hairstyles for guys are the new trend. Many think that they are not suitable for everyone and is only done by those who are in a certain field and professions. They are totally wrong, it is an age-old myth, and now we have different styles and variants within the emo haircuts to suit several individuals. They are quite different from style, and the styles can change as per the personality and liking. Mostly preferred by those guys in teenage and youngsters, they are unique and definitely will redefine your personality. They suit every type of guy, and you would surely love it.

Emo hairstyles for guys have come a long way since the s when it was all about punk music in the streets. Their looks are radiant and confident.


45 Modern Emo Hairstyles for Guys that Want that Edge







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