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Girl meets world did riley kill herself

The two are very close friends and both share similar traits of caring and standing up for others. The moment Lucas and Riley share a smile on the subway, Riley is immediately smitten and develops a crush on him. However, as their relationship develops, her original small, shallow crush on Lucas, turns into a strong, and real relationship. Her feelings for him continue to remain the same throughout subsequent episodes although some episodes focus less on their relationship than others. For Lucas, it has been evident that he does return the feelings, but he is not as expressive as Riley is.

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Riley Matthews

Who else expected the bakery to be renamed Chubbie's? It wasn't, but dammit, I expected it. I don't think even they would go that far. Plus Chubbie's just doesn't sound like a very name. But, Mrs.

Svorski did strongly suggest Topanga change the name. But, like Svorski's name right after the woman dies. Just keep calling it Svorski's, show. What kind of a name for a bakery was 'Svorski's" anyway? Mmmm, does spoiler pics for us West Coasters it's amazing Hollywood gives so little respect to the West Coast given that About your thinking that Mrs. Svorski killed herself?

Don't you think that sometimes people know when their time is coming to an end, and would prepare for that. I ask you to watch Mrs. Svorski's final moment again, as she's walking away, she's touching the counter, the walls; feeling everything, as if not wanting to let go, but also accepting that there is no choice in the matter. And, the first thing she touches is Auggie pinching his cheek beautiful moment, by the way. And, Auggie turning back around, in the doorway, at Mrs. Svorski walking away; I felt a balance of emotions here; Auggie's acceptance, as well as the appropriate sadness.

As for the note she leaves for Auggie, I think this was just going off the idea of Mrs. Svorski wanting to modernize her bakery, and changing the name is apart of that, and also going off the [2-episode,] recurring joke, "It's not Ukrainian bakery, it's Mykrainian", while also portraying the bond she had with Auggie. Certainly Mrs. Disney simply wouldn't allow such a thing.

Signs that people have made the decision to kill themselves often include: giving away treasured items, setting certain affairs in order, and often a sense of peace. All of these things Svorski demonstrated. And then there's that note. Whatever the reason for the note, it was wildly inappropriate to leave such a note for Auggie.

That kid is six years old. Do you have any idea how traumatizing it would be to receive a note like that at that age, right after you know the person who gave it to you is dead?

The only other explanation I can accept is that Mrs. Svorski had a terminal illness and knew she wasn't long for this world. That could be. I have heard of people, on their death bed, knowing it's their time. But by and large, people who are walking and talking and going about their business, like Mrs.

Svorski was, no, do not have some innate sense that their number is up. I don't know. Just that whole episode with her I was kind of looking at the cast members going, "Uh Are you guys going to ask about her? This seems terribly terribly out of place. Christian already said exactly what I want to say about this. So, the thought I had, is what if this wasn't the actual funeral, but the wake reception that usually follows a funeral.

I'm still not saying that everything Riley was saying was entirely appropriate, but there is a different perspective with this now You're almost certainly correct that it's the wake.

I said "funeral" without really thinking about it. And perhaps that's a more appropriate place for speeches to be made, but the fact that Riley is the one doing a speech is still pretty weird. Auggie or Topanga would be a better fit based on what we saw in the episode. And I stand by the part I wrote in caps, which Christian mentioned as well.

It's contradictory to have her as the absolute center of attention while giving a speech about not being the center of attention in an episode about not being the center of attention. Yeah, I'm with Sean on this one. I agree, it's the wake and not the funeral, as funerals are generally held in a church, while wakes are often held in either peoples homes or even in restaurants like this and are more storytelling based.

But Riley's actions are still I almost can't imagine a more narcissistic action than making a woman's funeral or wake all about yourself. Riley didn't even know Mrs.

The woman meant nothing to her. But she hijacks the woman's funeral to give a whole, I don't know, Powerpoint presentation about a valuable lesson she learned? I hope to God everyone in that place but the Matthews clan was exchanging glances like "The hell?

You tell stories about them. You can talk about how they affected you But, then, this is the daughter of the guy who once interrupted a wedding between two people he didn't know one of whom he was considering entering an arranged marriage with to give a speech about his own life too. As she is the adult, with a legitimate bond with Mrs. Svorski, as well. However, I did like most of what she was saying, finding it to be well written, bypassing the realization that it's taking place at a wake.

And so while it seems a little contradictory to have Riley standing at the center of attention claiming not to be the center of attention, there was also a reason for it. Riley was acting as the narrator for this episode - which is a direct reference to the play "Our Town" which is lead by a Narrator more than it's lead by the actors within it.

If you understand that idea the whole "Speech about me at a wake for someone else" makes a whole lot more sense. I liked the ultra-meta humor. Sure, the beat us over the head with it, but I think that is a counter balance to the fact that the 4 kids got away with murder in every episode in Season 1 when it came to the in class parts.

So, I was good with all that really over the top stuff. Now, I agree that if the girls don't learn from anything from that, and nothing changes from here on out, then I have a big problem with the meta stuff. You just tore to shreds your 1st season for no reason if the girls don't change. It would be pointless.

I also really liked Riley breaking the 4th wall. I took it to be Riley's inner voice explaining to us that she isn't the center of the universe, and just how small she really is. All that worked for me, until That was not the time, nor place, to be making that speech.

At the very heart of the speech was how small we are and how our friends and family keep us together. How they are our "gravity", the thing that holds the universe together. And if that's the speech they wan to give, why is Riley the one making it? That monologue would have been much better coming from one of Mrs. Svorski's relatives, and if not one of them, then Auggie. You know, the character that just lost his friend.

Not his older sister, who barely knew the woman, as she herself admits. When it comes to Mrs Svorski herself, I don't think she offed herself. I think she was terminally ill, and was simply getting her affairs in order.

To do so, she went to her business partner to help continue the business. Once she saw that Topanga was doing as she asked, she said goodbye to Auggie, and her business, and then the next thing we know she died. I think it was simple as that.

We didn't get 5 minutes into this episode and Creepy Farkle in one of his most cringe worthy lines ever looks down at the girls' feet and yells "Naked! The one thing, above all else, that I wanted them to change was this "stalker" quality of Farkle, and they lead off his first scene of Season 2 with it.

That tells me it simply isn't going away, and its really frustrating. Maya's "Eyes up here" tongue in cheek line, kinda made that scene even worse. Feeny made everything better the second I saw him. He's just so great that he can make me forgive the things I didn't like about this episode. It was just perfect.

I'll withhold the my grades for now. Christian and Sean, this is just my opinion, but I clearly don't think that Girl Meets World is the show for you. I was super impressed with most of the aspects of the episode that you took issue with. Elaborating on my thoughts too much would make this comment too long, but to sum them up: I thought the meta aspect of the episode was awesome; it clearly showed that the writers paid attention to fan criticism of Season 1.

Call me crazy, but I got the sense that, despite the fact that Cory will remain the teacher, he won't be the same pushover he was before.

Lucas and Riley

Who else expected the bakery to be renamed Chubbie's? It wasn't, but dammit, I expected it. I don't think even they would go that far. Plus Chubbie's just doesn't sound like a very name.

The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which Cory is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series.

Riley Matthews is the main character and title character of Girl Meets World. She is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. Riley and Auggie Matthews are Cory and Topanga's only children, of which Riley is the oldest of the two. Riley is bubbly, outgoing, cheerful, optimistic, intelligent, and slightly awkward, and while she is also sensitive, she is not afraid to voice her opinion about things, and will readily stand up for her friends and family. At first Riley seems immature and noticeably awkward, but as the series progresses, she begins to dress and act more mature.








Read Girl meets hospital from the story Girl meets Broken Riley by her friends think but Little did they know that Riley was harming herself and having suicide.








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