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It was 3 am and nothing was silent. The sounds of biker gangs driving up and down the rundown streets, looking for their next victim or the newest play thing. The sound of Ms. Dwits' new baby could be heard over in the next apartment. The building even seemed to take part in the noise-it's foundation creaking and groaning as if it was considering falling to pieces any minute.

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Hey y'all so I'm just posting this as a long one shot. It was originally supposed to be broken into about 4 parts. I debated with myself multiple times over if I thought it was good enough to post before finally I'm just going to post it quickly and hide :P As for those of you who were following my other story "The New Life Of Melody Pond" I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to adding the final chapters.

The end of senior year and most of this summer have been chaotic trying to gather everything I need for college. Without further ado, here's the story! Maya awoke to the shrill ringing of her alarm clock. She hit the off button on her alarm and flopped back down on her bed, realizing just how horribly she felt. Her head and throat were hurting, along with the rest of her body, and she felt exhausted despite having a full night of sleep. She groaned and got up, knowing she should go ask her mom if she could stay home from school today.

She padded out of her room and down the hall to find the kitchen and living room empty, but there was a note on the counter. Great, Maya thought. Not that she was expecting her mom to stay with her and give her soup or anything. Her mom worked double shifts at the diner every day, leaving her alone at home to take care of herself most of the time. She glanced around the empty apartment and sighed.

She really didn't want to stay here alone all day so she headed back to her room to get ready for school. Her face was paler than normal and she had dark circles around her eyes so she put on some light makeup and took some motrin so that the Matthews' wouldn't get suspicious of her. She grabbed her bag and headed down to Riley's apartment so they could ride the subway to school together. She was always such a morning person, Maya thought slightly annoyed that her headache hadn't gone away yet.

I made oatmeal today. Usually Maya was happy when Riley's mom fed her breakfast, seeing as when she fixed her own breakfast it was just a bowl of cereal or a granola bar.

Unlike other mornings, she just wasn't very hungry, but she knew Mrs. Matthews was expecting her to eat. She nibbled on the oatmeal and then pushed it around the bowl to make it seem like she's eaten more. Riley and I better be going, I, uh, need some help with my homework before school starts.

Topanga was surprised by the announcement. Maya's actually doing her homework? Have a great day, girls. Once they were clear out of the apartment, Riley stopped Maya. You never do your homework, and you always eat all of your food. Riley just shrugged and continued walking. She knew Maya wasn't telling the truth, but she also knew that pushing her to talk would get her no where. They boarded the subway silently for once as Maya wasn't really in a talkative mood and Riley was deep in thought trying to figure out what was wrong with Maya.

They made it to Riley's locker early for once, so they were able to just hang out for a while before they had to go to class. Maya doubled over from the force of that last sneeze as she cupped her hand over her nose. She looked around frantically for a tissue. Are you sure you're alright, Maya? She had had a cold last month and the small pack of tissues happened to still be in the front pocket. The warning bell sounded, and they headed off to their first class, which so happened to be with Riley's dad.

You guys left pretty early this morning. I didn't even see you two at breakfast. A sneeze sounded from down in front of him. Today we'll be talking about the Great Depression. Cory began to teach about the Great Depression, pausing every few minutes to say bless you.

Finally he just set the box of tissues on Maya's test and placed the trashcan next to her, much to the embarrassment of Maya, whose face flushed redder than it already was. She always tried to be cool, but apparently cool just wasn't going to happen today.

By the end of class Maya had started coughing and trying to clear her throat quietly in an effort not to cough. Finally, the bell rang, saving Maya from any additional embarrassing outbursts. Riley and Maya gathered their stuff and started to leave with the other students. I'll call your next teacher and tell them that you'll be late. Sure you are. If you're fine, then you have nothing to worry about.

The nurse will just send you back to class. Maya sighed and Riley grabbed her arm, leading her to the nurse's office. Nurse Laurie was on the phone when the two girls entered so she just waved for them to have a seat. The person Ms. Laurie was talking to put her on hold so she took the opportunity to read the note from Mr. Matthews and to stick a thermometer under Maya's tongue. Maya's nose started twitching almost as soon as the nurse put the thermometer in her mouth.

Maya's eyes went wide and she started waving her hands at Ms. Laurie, who was back on the phone, to show that she needed to sneeze. The nurse ripped the thermometer out right when it beeped, which was just in time for Maya to start sneezing. Feel better! I'll come visit you after school! Her mom was gone and none of her other family lived around here.

She thought about maybe having Mrs. Matthews pick her up but she didn't know if she had to work today. Matthew for me? Their home number is The nurse nodded and dialed the phone number. Nobody answered. Can I just go home? I don't live too far from here. Anyone else I can call? Maya shook her head no. Why don't you lie down for a little while you think about it. Maya lied down on one of the red rubber cots and was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the cot. My daughter Riley is bringing Maya to you because I suspect that she's sick.

Please send her home if you feel that it would be best for her. It was no secret that the two girls were inseparable best friends. She always saw them hanging out together last year waiting for Riley's dad to get off work to take them home. She picked up the school phone and dialed the number to Mr. Matthew's class. His class should be at lunch right now and when he's not on lunch duty he usually eats in his classroom. Cory was confused. He sent Maya to the nurse about a half hour ago, she should've been heading home.

So what seems to be the problem? Poor Maya, Cory thought. I think she's just filing paperwork today at the office. It gets quite boring. Topanga was so ready to leave work that she agreed to pick Maya up in a heartbeat. She walked in to the nurse's office and found Maya curled up on one of the cots. Topanga smiled to herself. She looks so innocent when she sleeps, so unlike the trouble maker she can be when she's awake. She walked over and sat on the edge of the cot.

The subway ride home was a blur. Maya spent half the time struggling to stay awake, and Topanga spent the time trying to get ahold of Maya's mother.

They took the elevator up to Maya's floor. Topanga insisted on taking her all the way to her apartment so that she could talk to Maya's mother. Maya was too nervous to tell Mrs.

Hey y'all so I'm just posting this as a long one shot. It was originally supposed to be broken into about 4 parts. I debated with myself multiple times over if I thought it was good enough to post before finally I'm just going to post it quickly and hide :P As for those of you who were following my other story "The New Life Of Melody Pond" I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to adding the final chapters. The end of senior year and most of this summer have been chaotic trying to gather everything I need for college.

Aside from the broken lamp lying on the floor flickering, Maya's room was completely dark. The room though it was hard to tell, was a mess; pictures that previously occupied the wall now lay shattered on the floor, though a certain hand made winter tree painting still clung for its life on that white cream wall.

I was lying in my bed, slowly but surely waking up. Mom must have yelled for me to wake up at least six times by now. At this point, I knew she was being serious so I managed to tiredly lift my back up off the bed. I stretched my arms up and yawned before turning around so that my feet were dangling off the bed. Soon enough, I touched my feet to the ground and stood up.

Everyone watched as the world seemed to go into slow motion, the short blonde being thrown across the vehicle and landing in a heap on the floor, falling unconscious as her head hit the back window. As the class, Riley included, watched Maya being carried out of the flames, Zay and Farkle noticed her jacket had caught alight down her sleeve. Quickly they ran to Lucas, the small girl in his arms, taking off their coats and smothering the flames. Cory had no idea what to do, he had been trained in first aid as a requirement to be a Middle School teacher but this was way above his pay grade, his class had just been in a bus crash, Maya, his best friends' daughter, was seriously hurt and was clearly burnt. Quickly, he ran to his family, seeing nothing more important than making sure Riley and Topanga were okay, but Riley didn't care, she ran to Lucas, seeing Maya in his arms, burnt and broken. And then Cory heard his daughter yelling something that he wouldn't soon forget. Josh ran over, hearing those words and running through the students now all circling Maya on the side of the road. As Josh made his way to help Maya, Topanga and Cory tried to organize the students, pulling everyone back and telling them to all remain together whilst they awaited an ambulance. Quickly he undid the zip on Maya's, now burnt, jacket, exposing her blue flannel shirt and stationary chest; immediately he started chest compressions, but was quickly stopped by Lucas "Get off her! Josh squared up to Lucas, he had dealt with people like him at NYU, and they were older, so no way was he going to let some 9th grader push him around "Do you want her to die, Lucas?

Thank you for all of the lovely reviews! Sorry for the cliffhanger. Well, no I'm not sorry. I will be leaving you at another one in this chapter. I know it's torture, but it adds to the suspense.

Hey y'all!

Hi guys! So after watching Girl Meets World I was really interested about Maya's character, and decided to make a fanfic about everything. So this is basically a couple years into the future and the girls are 15 and in 10th grade.

The New York Subway is the means of transport for thousands of people every hour of every day. It had its goods and bads, and sometime its worses. For two years Riley Matthews and Maya Hart saw the goods, what neither of them expected was to see the worse.

On the television screen, clips of Eddie Calloway on the bull played over and over again. The heavy silence drifted between them as the dull thud of Eddie's body hitting the ground sent Maya's ears ringing. When she looked back up at Lucas, he was noticeably pale and Riley's head was whipping back and forth between the two of them, pigtails flying behind her. Maya turned around, breath hitching, signalling the end of the conversation. Tentative chatter began to fill the tent as Riley approached Lucas with a sweet, little smile on her face, and Maya bit back the dull ache pounding in her chest.


Oct 20, - Riley and Maya are seriously injured in an accident while riding on the subway. This leaves Cory, along with Topanga, worried sick for they've.








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