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Lucas like both girls but realized he felt more for Maya after their little debacle at the camp fire. Lucas realized he has always felt for Maya and never really for Riley the way he thought he did; he was pushed to like Riley. The Texas trip did not end after the camp fire, the group stayed 2 more days where they went on adventures to Lucas's and Zay's favorite places. If you had gotten hurt on that bull I don't know what I would've done with myself.

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Girl Meets World Fanfics — Another Night in Texas (lucaya)

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So this is my first fic. I hope you like it and I'm sorry if there are mistakes, english isn't my first language. This is what I'd love to see happening in Girl meets Texas according to the promo. One day, it had just been one day since they had arrived at Texas, but Lucas felt like it had been a week.

When he went to the kitchen to have breakfast and saw her with him, again he couldn't bear it anymore and he decided that he needed to do something. Maya had spent the whole trip so far with Cletis an old friend of Lucas and that drove Lucas crazy. He knew that he didn't have the right to be jealous since he had spent the whole day with Riley but it wasn't like he wanted to, not that he didn't want to either.

He liked Riley, he cared about her, but lately he had realized that his feelings towards her weren't the same as before. Yes he liked her, yes he cared about her but not as a girlfriend, not as a crush, more like a best friend, even a sister. But with Maya, it was different with her.

He had realized around the time of the Semi-Formal when he didn't ask Riley to go with him to the dance. He said that he hadn't because he assumed that they were going together and it was true in some part but he knew in his heart that he hadn't asked her because he actually didn't want to go with her, not as a date, maybe as a friend, as a group, but he knew that that wasn't what Riley wanted and he cared so much about her to hurt her feelings.

It wasn't until he accidentally ended up dancing with Maya when he realized that she was the one he wanted to go to the dance with. That night, when he got home he started to think about the past few months and how without even notice he had gone from wanting to go to the school to see Riley to wanting to go to the school to see Maya, to tease her, to be teased by her, to make her angry and make her laugh.

The confirmation of his feelings came when the school board threatened to take away the arts from the school program. He knew how much Maya loved art and how great she was at it and he didn't want it taken away from her. He wanted Maya to be happy, he even said that to her and when she looked at him without even say anything he knew that he had fallen for her and there was no turn back.

He also knew that he would never get the chance to be with her, she was Riley's best friend and she was Maya, Maya Hart and he was Huckleberry, Ranger Rick, Lucas the Good. Maya would never fall for him. So when Riley asked him to spend the day together once they arrived at Texas he said yes because he wanted to feel the same about Riley, he wanted to forget Maya, the girl he would never have but he couldn't.

The whole day he was thinking about Maya and seeing her with Cletis didn't help at all. While he and Riley spent the day doing what you could call "safe stuff" such as milking cows, taking a walk through the countryside or just talking, Maya and Cletis had spent the day doing what you could call "dangerous stuff", considering that they were in Texas, things such as jumping on the river, go to see the bulls etc, things that Maya would never want to do with Lucas since she probably would think he was too soft for that, too boring.

That's why, that day Lucas woke up with the intention of spending the day with Maya, doing all the things she liked. He would talk to Riley and tell her the truth and then spend the day with the Blonde Beauty but when he went to have breakfast he saw Maya with Cletis.

They were leaving but they stopped when they saw him. I'd love to see you riding a horse Huckleberry-Maya said freeing herself from Cletis arm. From what you've told me about the new Lucas, I don't see him as a horse rider guy, too dangerous for Lucas The Good.

Cletis words hurt Lucas more than he expected to. Maya had been talking with Cletis about him, and not about good things, she probably had been making fun of him with his friend. I'll see you at lunch. Maya stood there for a few seconds, still in shock by the way Lucas had talked to them.

That wasn't like the Lucas she knew, her friend, her Ranger Rick, her Lucas. She really wanted him to go with them. She was desperate to spend some time with her friends, with Riley and Farkle but mostly with Lucas but since they arrived Lucas had been all the time with Riley and this Cletis guy hadn't left her side for a second.

It wasn't that she didn't fancy him, he seemed like a nice guy but, although she didn't want to recognize it since it would probably ruin her friendship with Riley, Cletis wasn't the guy she liked, Cletis wasn't Lucas. Lucas spent the whole day thinking about the things he could do to impress Maya, to make her forget Cletis. Finally, around lunch time he decided. He knew exactly what to do to show Maya that he could be dangerous, fearless, that he could be the guy she wanted him to be.

When he got to the house his parents, Riley and Farkle were already there, in the kitchen preparing the things for lunch. There was no sign of Maya and Cletis. He wanted to wait until they'd show up to tell them the big news. Ten minutes later Maya arrived alone. She had managed to get rid of Cletis by telling him that she was feeling sick and that he couldn't meet him that afternoon.

The truth was that she was planning on spending the day with her friends. Lucas waited till his parents left the table after eating to tell his friends what he had decided. And I'd love for you all to come and see me. Do you have any idea of how dangerous that is? It doesn't make any sense. Why on earth would you do that?

That's not like you. Besides you're a minor, you need your parents' permission. Lucas got really mad after listening to what Maya said. She from all people should understand him. But of course, to her he would always be Lucas the boring.

But that was because she didn't believe he had the guts to do it and he was determined to prove her wrong. He was sure that once she saw what he was going to do, how fearless he was, she would start to look at him differently.

And I don't care about what you say; I'm going to do it. Or are you the only one allowed to do things against the rules? I'm going to do it and I expect that my friends are there to support me. Well you know what Huckleberry, if you want to get yourself killed you can do whatever you want but don't expect me to sit there and watch.

Don't call me when you end up at the hospital. And with that she stood up and left for her room. She sat on the bed trying to calm herself. She couldn't believe it. Not only Lucas had gone insane and wanted to risk his life but Riley and Farkle supported him. She felt like she was the only one who cared about Lucas, well what was left of the Lucas she knew because that guy that was in the kitchen telling her what he was planning on doing was definitely not the Lucas she knew and liked.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. This is what I'd love to see happening in the episode Girl Meets Texas acording to the promo we had. Basically Lucas rides the bull because he wants Maya to think that he is fearless and he's not just Lucas the Good but things don't turn out the way he expected and he ends up in hospital.

Riarkle hinted. What are we doing Lucas? Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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Girl Meets Texas (Part 1)/Transcript

So this is my first fic. I hope you like it and I'm sorry if there are mistakes, english isn't my first language. This is what I'd love to see happening in Girl meets Texas according to the promo.

If you are unfamiliar, last year I ran the Lucaya Project as daily short prompts from a number of words I kept in a bowl and drew from. This year, I decided to take this project to a new format, no longer as prompts but as one story, chapters, one to each day! So let's go!

It was a clear night in Texas. They were all gathered by a campfire roasting marshmallows, eating s'mores, and playing games. Not again! After a few minutes, Riley took her marshmallow out of the fire, only to see it perfectly roasted. But thank you for the compliment, Sugar!

You used to be a champion sheep rider at the mutton bustin' rodeo, until you fell off of Judy the sheep. No one knows I fell off Judy the sheep except We entered you last week and your application's been accepted. You are an official entry in this year's Austin Roundup Rodeo! You will be riding Tombstone the sheep. The railroad allowed us to see how other people live. When you see how other people live, it changes you. And I like 'Hambone.

This story is so shamelessly inspired by 'The Art of Seduction' by tiramisuspice. Seriously, I love her stories. Guess what happens? Okay, so I'm British and I know nothing about Texas so this chapter was extremely weird to write — sorry if I got some details wrong!






Lucas, Riley, Maya, and Charlie (Girl Meets World; Girl Meets Texas Part 3). Maya say's I like you Lucas World Gif, Spirit Fanfic, Peyton Meyer, Disney.








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