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How to approach a girl to like you

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The core of what men want to learn from The Art of Charm initially is generally how to approach a girl in public. However, you might also be making it harder on yourself than it needs to be. Here are five tips that will help you when it comes to how to approach a girl in public with greater success. One of the easiest ways to display the sort of outward confidence you need when approaching women is to walk tall. Stand up straight and have a manly gait about your walk.

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How to Approach a Girl in Public

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Instead of allowing your fear of rejection to prevent you from approaching your crush, you can work to overcome your insecurities and make yourself a confident conversationalist. Approach your concerns about not knowing what to say to your crush like you might approach any problem and you can find your fears are easy to overcome. Try to make eye contact with her from across the room and smile. If she smiles back, walk over and say hi. She sits behind me in Math class.

Did this summary help you? Yes No. Nipun choudhary. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Co-authored by Imad Jbara Updated: January 27, This article was co-authored by Imad Jbara.

There are 12 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Explore this Article Engaging Strangers. Approaching the Girl You Like. Combatting Your Shyness. Expert Advice. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Practice by talking to people in stores. An important step in overcoming your shyness is practicing with other people to increase your comfort with conversations.

There are many scenarios in which you can interact with strangers in a pleasant and pressure free environment to develop your social confidence. Say hi to cashiers when cashing out at the grocery store and ask them how their day has been going. Be polite but be brief. Move on to small interactions. Comment on something to engage people in conversation. I really like it.

Smile and make eye contact. Regardless of who you are talking to, smiling can make you seem friendlier and more personable. Making occasional eye contact can demonstrate your confidence, but avoid making prolonged eye contact as that can be unnerving to some people.

It may be difficult at first but doing so can make you seem friendly and confident, which are both things girls often find attractive. Studies have shown that smiling alters the chemicals in your brain to make you feel happier and more confident. Method 2 of Don't approach her if she's clearly busy or distracted.

Different environments can make the girl you like more or less apt to be willing to have a conversation with you.

You should consider approaching her at a later time. Places like bars, coffee shops, book stores or even the gym may be good places to strike up a conversation. Many people go to such places for the social element and she may be expecting to talk to people while there. Approach her soon after you make eye contact. If you and your crush meet eyes from across the room, approach her soon thereafter.

If you look at her for a long time before approaching you may make her feel uncomfortable. Your conversation should seem impromptu rather than planned, so allow making eye contact from across the room to be the catalyst that made you want to strike up a conversation.

Give your conversation purpose. You could try being direct in your conversation. Would you mind if I talked to you for a minute? Embrace your shyness when you speak to her. No matter how much you practice, you still may get nervous talking to your crush.

Instead get out in front of your nervousness by addressing it in conversation. Ask questions or make observations to keep the conversation from dying. Ask her to elaborate on a statement she recently made. Try pointing out something interesting that is going on around you. Thompson yet? Be yourself. Ask for a way to reach out to her.

Take advantage of the situation by asking if it would be okay for you to call her or add her on social media. Method 3 of Approach shyness like any other problem. Being shy is an emotional obstacle that you can overcome with effort and practice. If you needed to lose weight, you would create a plan to follow a diet and exercise.

To overcome shyness, you can also create a plan. Use the plan to create short term goals that culminate in being comfortable approaching her. Practice at home. The first step in your plan to overcome your shyness should be to practice engaging with people at home. Get comfortable saying things out loud like introducing yourself or giving a pleasant greeting. Practice in front a mirror so you can see what you look like when you interact and make adjustments to present a more confident demeanor.

Re-frame your idea of rejection. Shyness often comes from a fear of being rejected. Instead of thinking of rejection as a personal failure, see it for what it really is: a learning experience. People have bad days, experience bad moods, or struggle with their own insecurities when it comes to dealing with others. In fact, if you adopt the right perspective, it may not even hurt.

Instead of seeing rejection as a failure, see it as a chance to learn from your experience and develop a better understanding of how to interact with others. Stop trying to predict the future. A fear of rejection comes from the common practice of trying to predict how events will occur before you experience them. This can increase your confidence and make you come off as a more self-assured person.

Try these 5 different approaches to strike up a conversation: Direct: Just walk up and introduce yourself by saying something like, "Hi, I'm Adam. Question: Ask something like, "Hey, do you know if there's a Starbucks around here? Opinion: If you're in a mall or a shop, you might say something like, "Excuse me, what's your favorite ice cream?

That will create tension, and you can use that to build a conversation. Funny: Humor is a great way to strike up a conversation. If you're a guy and you see a girl you want to talk to, for instance, you might say, "Oh thank goodness I didn't wear that same skirt today!

For instance, you might say, "I can tell you're really fun to be around. From Imad Jbara. I'm 14 and my crush is extremely hot.

Sometimes I think she's too hot for me. I went skating so I could meet her, and when I saw her I just froze. I was so nervous and I did not know what to say to her. What do I do? Just be confident and humble.

Sometimes waiting boosts your confidence, while some may find it demoralizing. Also, you don't have to ask her out outside of school, although if it is in school, make sure it's private.

A tactic that is also helpful is practicing on a similarly aged female friend. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Because they are too shy to admit it.

Top Ways On How to Approach Girls – Men’s Guide

Instead of allowing your fear of rejection to prevent you from approaching your crush, you can work to overcome your insecurities and make yourself a confident conversationalist. Approach your concerns about not knowing what to say to your crush like you might approach any problem and you can find your fears are easy to overcome. Try to make eye contact with her from across the room and smile. If she smiles back, walk over and say hi.

The approach should be an enjoyable experience for both you and the girl that you are going to meet. Sees attractive girl 2.

Talking to girls, especially ones you're interested in dating, can be frightening. The most important thing is to start a conversation. Talking on a day-to-day basis is a great way to establish a connection, learn more about her interests, and about things she likes to do. John Keegan. Introduce yourself by starting a conversation as if you know each other.

How To Successfully Approach A Beautiful Woman

There are a million manuals, books, articles and YouTube channels on how to do it. They make it too hard. Without warning! Plus, anything of the kind will stress her out. Stressing women out is definitely not good game. Be normal. Ask her opinion on that hat the bartender is wearing, instead of hitting on her with aggressive compliments. This will create a natural rapport and make the conversation that much smoother and more pleasant.







You can find women to chat to online, but if you see a woman you want to meet in person, you have no choice but to learn how to approach women. This is a key.








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