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In any decent Team , someone's gotta be the powerhouse. Like the name implies, they're usually the largest or the strongest member of the team, in charge of heavy lifting. If someone needs to bust open the door, hold the line against the enemy, break down boulders, or help you move your furniture, you turn to them. In a fight they're often the one who holds off the mooks while the others challenge the Big Bad.

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Big Guy, Little Guy

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In any decent Team , someone's gotta be the powerhouse. Like the name implies, they're usually the largest or the strongest member of the team, in charge of heavy lifting.

If someone needs to bust open the door, hold the line against the enemy, break down boulders, or help you move your furniture, you turn to them. In a fight they're often the one who holds off the mooks while the others challenge the Big Bad.

Against stronger enemies they might end up suffering The Worf Effect ; getting trounced to set up the villain as a credible threat. While most are passionate and unflinchingly loyal, what holds them back from leadership among the core team is being Dumb Muscle.

They know how to knock heads together but don't do much in the way of strategy. Despite this, as renowned warriors , they may still exercise authority over the support troops. Note : The Big Guy may not necessarily be the strongest in the team, and usually isn't by the end. They just have to be the one who specializes in fighting or physical duties.

More women are filling this role, which used to be a rarity unless the whole team was composed of women. Since physical strength is usually a masculine trait, she may be a tomboy, Lad-ette , or mannish. But you can flip this on its head by making her the Amazon: big , and beautiful. If she's playing the tough guy straight, her softer side is often a secret cache of girlish habits which she finds embarrassing.

On rare occasions, she may be revealed to be a Butch Lesbian , a Tsundere , or even a Violently Protective Girlfriend. Most of the time, the Big Girl is the tomboy and the Chick is the girly girl. Not to be confused with The Strongman though overlap is not unheard of or that other Big Guy.

Often a victim of Big Guy Fatality Syndrome. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Shown with The Lancer for scale. I don't even exercise. Comic Books. Said role fell to Milo Jenkins after the two swapped bodies. Teamed with the Justice League or otherwise, Superman is usually considered the big guy or the big gun for the team, and is a mix of Class 2 and Class 5 , although he's simultaneously The Leader and The Hero.

She was tinier than her teammates The Avengers had too many varied line-ups in their history, but their "classic" big guy is Thor. In Dynamo5 , this role is shared by Scrap and Scatterbrain. Scrap is a Cute Bruiser , while Scatterbrain has sheer size on his side he's a star football player.

Jerom, from Suske en Wiske Spike and Suzy , would be a typical example of a Class 2 character, save for the fact that he's a bit stocky. Ben aka The Thing of the Fantastic Four. Sometimes they're both on the team together Hourman, being the physically strongest and toughest of the original line-up, is the original Big Guy of the Genius Bruiser kind being a genius Chemist who achieves his power through a pill he created for the Justice Society of America , since Superman was usually little more than cover-decoration.

Though the magnitude of his power varies in how it is depicted, within his Hour of Power, the Man of the Hour has even fought Superman toe to toe.

And, though not typically showcased, his Miraclo pill also gives him superhuman speed, making him the second fastest JS Aer after The Flash himself. His godbrother Damage has more or less taken up this role in the current JSA, who until Gog repaired his face was definitely a Class 1. Atom Smasher is presumably a reserve member and still drops in on occasion, usually when the team takes on Black Adam.

Whenever the Hulk teams up with other heroes, he generally fulfils this role. Molly from Runaways is a very typical Cute Bruiser. Channon Yarrow of Transmetropolitan is a relatively subtle Big Girl— to be fair, being physically imposing by comparison with Spider Jerusalem isn't that hard.

Still, she doesn't easily fit into any of the subtropes. Apollo of The Authority , the team's calm, cheerful Flying Brick. Hulkling in Young Avengers is a Class 2. Marv from Sin City was designed to be one of these. In Frank Miller 's words: "Conan in a trenchcoat".

He's seven feet tall, he's at least four feet wide, he's big and boisterous and strong. Bully, a non-Nazi skinhead from German comic Rudi. Kilowog is this among the Green Lantern Corps. Guy Gardner, among the Earth born Lanterns.

Though only three-apples tall, The Smurfs have Hefty in the comics and the cartoon show and Gutsy in the live-action movie. Tintin : Captain Haddock is a big man, and though he isn't especially skilled in a fight, those he does hit stay hit.

He once ripped a wooden chair in half with his bare hands when angered. While the director of the space center was still sitting on it. Cassandra Cain of Batgirl is the Class 5 for the Bat-family. The Four Daves in Rat Queens.

Braga of the Peaches is a female version. He's also pretty big when he's human, too. All-New Ultimates have Bombshell, whose power is to make things explode. The Ultimates : The whole team combined had a hard time dealing with Hulk, but then Thor came and smashed his head into the pavement. Arthur Korsky from Circles is a Genius Bruiser and a Gentle Giant who is an expert painter and prefers to paint rather than fight.

But with his strength, he can chase down criminals and knock them out with a mighty punch. Brute from Hunter's Hellcats , is a hulking, well, brute of a man with a short fuse whose typical reaction to any prooblem is to attempt to smash it with his bare hands. Mortality Watson is the Cute Bruiser type, as well as the Gentle Giant that shouldn't be pushed too far type. Go ahead. Mess with his friend.

Basically, you're dealing with someone who's ruthless if you mess with his friend. Mycroft is taller, but doesn't do the things Watson does, though he is loyal. Grimlock is a Class 1 this in Transformers Meta. Evac could also be considered this to a lesser extent, though he mostly only qualifies for his size he's even bigger than Grimlock.

He could be considered a Mighty Glacier. Rika, Ryo, Beelzemon, Kazu and, surprisingly enough Jeri all fit this role in the Tamers Forever Series , being the best straight up fighters on the team. He's not "big" or "strong" but he's definitely a Boisterous Bruiser Rock Star , putting him squarely in Class 4. Wind Breaker starts as a second one of these for the group, who sometimes fights up close but gradually becomes more of a Long-Range Fighter.

Cross Cases : Sam Winchester is the tallest character in Supernatural at 6'5" cm , a fact that he is evidently used to when he first meets the 6'9" cm Harry Dresden and is surprised to have to look up at someone for once. This is Played With a bit in that the shorter of the two, Sam, fights like a brawler and is, in Harry's words, built like a brick wall, contrasting against Harry's aikido fighting style and lanky build. Sam lampshades it in his narration by calling the two of them a pair of scruffy NBA rejects.

Films — Animation. Pumbaa from The Lion King is Class 2. Wreck-It Ralph : The titular Ralph is a 9-feet-tall and pound Hot-Blooded Destructive Saviour , something that he himself lampshades in the opening of the film. Films — Live-Action. Chewbacca in Star Wars. Class 2 or 3, depending on how you look at Wookiees. True to form, Chewbacca was portrayed by the 7'2" Peter Mayhew, although his official height is 4" more than that.

Reprogrammed Imperial security droid K-2SO from Rogue One is only a little shorter being, probably coincidentally, 7'2" tall and looms over all the other characters, especially Jyn Erso whose actress is 5'3". He's a type four: his actual job is strategy while his vocation is providing snark and Brutal Honesty , and being huge and very durable is just a tactical advantage as proven when it takes a hail of blaster fire quite a while to kill him on Scarif. To a lesser extent, there's Baze Malbus, who is only 6' tall, but makes up for it with a giant gatling blaster; he's mostly type one.

One in The City of Lost Children. Definitely class 2. Unusual in that he's the main character. Raven in Cecil B. Fezzik the Giant in The Princess Bride. Vasquez from Aliens , unusual for being the only female member on a mostly-male team aside from Ripley , and for being shorter than everyone else. Actually, there is Dietrich and Ferro who are wasted earlier but it doesn't matter. Vasquez is the clear point and the Berserker of the group. Boromir and Gimli from The Lord of the Rings.

Heavy Duty and Snake Eyes from G. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

Big Guy Fatality Syndrome

That's just the start of the bundle of tropes these two embody. This trope describes a pair of guys who always fight together, are best friends forever, and quite often have a very obvious hierarchy: The little guy is often in charge — unless, of course, he's a "Mini-Me" to the big guy. The big guy plays the Dumb Muscle role, but there's a catch, and this is important—oftentimes, the big guy will have some pretty good ideas. The little guy often ignores the big guy's suggestion, only to come up with the idea himself just a split second later , as with Timon and Pumbaa of The Lion King fame.

A specification of the Heroic Sacrifice. Things are going really well for our heroic party: the infiltration in the Big Bad 's evil fortress of doom is advancing steadily and without a problem. Then, suddenly, things take a turn for the worst: the villain turns some phlebotinum-powered device on the heroes, or a dangerous foe long thought dead has reappeared and is endangering not only the quest of our heroes but their very survival.

Currently under construction. Since the series concluded over 10 years ago, spoilers are unmarked. One of the two title characters, and marketed to the public as the first successful robotic soldier. In reality, he's a suit of Power Armor for Lt.

The Big Guy








The Big Guy Fatality Syndrome trope as used in popular culture. A specification of the Heroic Sacrifice. Things are going really well for our heroic party: .








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