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Running out of binge-worthy content? Fear not—Hulu just re-upped their streaming offerings with great new shows and movies. See the full list. Following Chef David Kinch and his team's journey from their 3 Michelin Star in California on a one of a kind "four hands" collaboration with three legendary chefs at their iconic restaurants in Paris, Provence and Marseille. A land baron tries to reconnect with his two daughters after his wife is seriously injured in a boating accident.

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Live At Wembley Stadium

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Hi Mom! I already know you're using Ubuntu. The software I used is free, and it comes with Ubuntu Linux, but you have to download it from their free software collections. They will install themselves. They might already be installed, but if not, click on the checkboxes next to each, and then press the "Apply Changes" button in the lower-right. You may be asked to enter your password; this happens anytime you make changes that will affect not just you but anyone you might share the computer with such as installing new software.

This is the easy part. It used to be that you'd need movie files that were already pre-cooked, cut into a certain shape, with the crusts removed and on whole-wheat bread not white bread and dijon mustard only Do remember that for digital art, making things smaller is better than making them bigger because it's easier to round off corners than to add detail where there was none.

If you're getting video from websites or email, they will most likely be x kilobits-per-second, which is pretty close to an original television's x size.

If you're not sure, DeVeDe will let you preview a minute of each video file, and you can fullsize it to see what it will look like.

For this example, I'm going to use some music videos I keep around, and movie trailers, and anything else I can find. Now the part you actually asked for. First we make an image file to burn to disc or multiple discs It will ask you which disc type you want to create -- choose "Video DVD".

It should start you with the layout for an empty video DVD disc. Think of it like folders and files: Titles hold one more more files, that are supposed to be watched in sequence, but you could watch each Title on it's own without needing to watch other Titles. Also: on the DVD menu it only lists Titles, never files. On the right I have a disc I'm partway through making, which will be just eyecandy music videos played one after another.

I have one group taken from the "Chill Room" video podcast, and another programme of music videos I just dug up. Since it will be bigger than the original, it's going to look poor. I will replace it with something else.

Most of the time you'll only have one file per Title. I'm doing it differently to show you what's possible. To add a file to a title, you'd click on the "Add" button under the Files box. Didn't I see some Thomas Dolby earlier in this tutorial? This dialog box also has a big Preview button just before the bottom. This one is IMPORTANT because you can use it to check to see if the movie file will work, if it will look like an elephant sat on the lens, and whether you have the correct audio track.

It will convert just the first 60 seconds of the video, and play it for you immediately so you can test it. The screenshot has some motion blur that you wouldn't see if it was moving. Just above the Preview button it says "Advanced Options. Once you've finished adding files to a DVD Title and most of the time you'll only be using one file , you need to edit the properties of the Title the Properties button under the Titles box , to set the name that will appear in the DVD menu, and to tell the DVD player what it should do when it finishes playing that title.

The default setting is to just go back to the menu when the Title is done, but you can also tell it to start playing the next track or to loop back to the start.

It won't stop you to say the disc is full, because you can adjust the quality of the video to resize the Titles so they all fit inside the disc. Next up is the DVD menu. You could get really fancy with this, having sub-menus and animation, but doing all that is way more complicated than making a webpage, so DeVeDe has a tool for making just one simple menu with a picture and maybe some background music. Clicking the Menu options button brings up the options for making your menu the way you want.

There's a lotta stuff here, but it's simple if it's broken up into chunks, so I'll do just that. First, the Menu Title. This is some text that will appear in the centre of the top of the screen. People expect this to be the name of the disc that's on the outside of the box they purchased. You can change the font used for the text the size counts as part of the font , and what colour it will be, and if you wanted a shadow behind the letters.

Next, the background image and music. This is what goes on behind the menus. You want somthing that isn't TOO interesting, because it's supposed to be a background, like desktop wallpaper. The default image is just a white background and a big cartoon disc, which kinda sucks. Google Images is one place to start looking, and you can even tell it the size and type you're looking for.

Next you choose where the names of the DVD Titles will appear on the screen. The horizontal alignment is whether you want the text flush to the left, or right, or centred sorry no "justified". Next is the font for the menu items, and what colours you'll use. There are four colours mentioned: Colour for unselected titles and for shadows are exactly like for the Disc Title. The last item, Background color for titles, is for rounded bars that would appear behind each of the disc titles to set the menu apart from the background image.

I usually turn this off by choosing a colour that is completely transparent. Um, I forgot to mention that with the Colour Picker above, so scroll back up there and check one of the items I didn't mention, the sliding switch above Color name called "Opacity. To help you see how transparent a colour is, the colour button has a checkerboard pattern behind the colour -- if you can see the checkerboard pattern perfectly, then the colour you picked is transparent.

The last option is what the DVD player will do when you first put the disc in: does it show the menu? I'm going to pick "Jump to the first title" since I'm making a disc that is supposed to start playing when you turn it on and keeps looping.

Right below that is the "Preview menu" button, which is your friend because it shows you what the menu is going to look like, so you can make sure you've got the colours and alignment and sizes correct.

Size is important because the Disc Title and each of the Titles in the menu can only be one line high. Check out my masterpiece below:. When you're happy with the menu as it looks in the preview menu window, hit "Okay", go back to the main DeVeDe window, and click the "Forward" button in the lower right. I think they mean "Next", but maybe this software came from somewhere that English is a foreign language.

It will ask you for a folder to make the image in, and it defaults to making a folder called "movie" in your home directory. It's best to change the name to something more unique, in case you make more than one disc.

After hitting "Okay," it will start by making the menu, then converting each of the movie files to DVD format. The whole thing is gonna take a while, so might as well go make a cuppa tea. Actually I made some rice and tika masala. I stepped outside for some fresh air and juice at the depaneur, and came home to a lovely-smelling apartment. I should cook Indian more often.

DeVeDe tells me it took 1 hour to finish the job. It would suck to burn the disc and then have to find out afterwards that it's busted. So you've played with the DVD image. Time to impress the image onto some laminated polycarbonate. Unfortunately, this is NOT the application you want -- this is the "making a backup of your files" application, not the "making a new video DVD" application or even the "copy this image onto a disc just the way it is please and thank you" application. It will automatically start Brasero in the "copying an image to disc" mode.

It will ask you which image to burn it already knows and where you want to burn it to it should only see one blank DVD, so there's only one place. It might say "blah GB of free space" smaller than the image -- that's ok, because it's telling you how much free space there will be AFTER you burn the image.

It's possible to add another smaller image afterwards, but it's so complicated that I never bother. I told it to go ahead, it took 10 minutes, and now I'm going to carry the disc to a DVD player at the office to test it. I laughed when it took him fifteen minutes to find the remote for the DVD player at his desk. The disc works, the menu looked weird, but then I made the DVD for aspect ratio screen, and his television has aspect ratio aka widescreen shaped.

I'm going to take a time-out here to talk about picking colours. You'll see to the right of the Text area and Font button there's two other buttons for Text color[sic] and Shadow color.

Pressing these buttons brings up a colour-picking tool you'd expect out of Photoshop or something. It's cool, it's just a lot of different ways to pick colours all in one because they don't know what you're used to. The triangle-in-a-circle is the most fun to use: The triangle has a white corner, a black corner, and a colourful corner. You change the hue at the colourful corner by clicking on the circle around the triangle.

For those who are used to web-pages, you can just type in the six-digit hex code in the "Colour name:" box. This is identical to setting the "Red","Green","Blue" numbers, just in that nerd number system that goes and uses letters up to F as extra digits. If you see a colour on your screen you want to use, you can click on the eyedropper button below the triangle, and it will change your mouse cursor to a little sampling tool.

To the left of the eyedropper button are two colours: to the left is the old colour you're changing, and to the right is the new colour that will be set when you finally press "Okay.

Thomas Friends - Thomas His Friends Get Along (DVD, 2004)

Midway through the "No Turn Left Unstoned" documentary, the off-screen interviewer who we never see and up to this point have never heard, asks Chrissie Hynde about her relationship with Ray Davies. It's a silly moment What did she think all the cameras and sound equipment were for? Every word and every slanted angle it employs a distracting and out-dated Real World visual style, with quick cuts, split screens, and shaky shots seems built to sell us on the idea of the Pretenders as the arena band that you can still believe in as a club band, the corporate band that never sold-out and still has the "screw you" moxie.

Want to read Slashdot from your mobile device? Point it at m. Okay, this is much more likely to happen on the PSP, since everyone is running roughly the same code.

Current region: UK. Not all MP3's listed may be the correct versions. If no widget is shown, you may need to update Flash or your browser. Length minutes disc 1 and minutes disc 2.

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Essentially a way to suck money out of the clueless, the witless, the careless and the impatient, the Vanilla Edition DVD is about as basic as a movie or TV DVD can get, basically comprising the footage, subtitles if you're lucky, and - if you're really lucky - a trailer and some cast biographies. The Vanilla Edition is usually released a month or so before the Ace Custom or Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition , so that those who are desperate to watch the movie now or don't pay attention to what they're picking up, or don't have a clue about the industry will snap it up, only to buy it again shortly afterwards once the better edition is released if they actually care about the special features in the slightest. Manufacturers say that they do this because some people just want the movie and not the extras and shouldn't have to pay more for something they don't watch, which is sometimes true. But it's also true that there's money to be made in double-releases. Note that some DVDs are just released without extras because the studio doesn't think that it will sell well enough to warrant spending money on commentaries, making-of movies, etc. These may retroactively become Vanilla Editions if, some months or years later, the studio changes its mind and releases a special edition with more features. Furthermore, this is becoming a standard marketing strategy to get customers to purchase Blu-ray versions of films by largely creating a Vanilla Edition for the DVD version and having the special features in the Blu-ray instead. A similar method was used when VHS was being phased out. Today, digital downloads such as iTunes Extras and the content available on Netflix are inherently the same thing.

Thomas & Friends: Tale of the Brave DVD {Review}

Of the few recent animated ones, only "Kim Possible" has achieved the type of popularity and success not seen since The Disney Afternoon lineup of syndicated programs. Disney Channel's latest original series, "Phineas and Ferb" , marks a return to form not only in medium, but in content as well. Each episode of the series follows a basic format: Phineas voiced by Vincent Martella and his quiet stepbrother Ferb Thomas Sangster long to find exciting ways to spend their summer vacation. Their creativity gets them into outrageous adventures that people their age hardly ever get away with. This aggravates their older sister Candace Ashley Tisdale , who repeatedly tries to notify their mother Caroline Rhea about these activities.

Over the next decade I was entertained and educated by many extras-packed Digital Versatile Discs. Some have even helped me on set when facing a new situation.

I did not have a good birthday. The lurghy got me, and it got me bad. I started to refer to myself as "The Plague Ship".

How My Mom Can Make DVDs

Fulfillment by Amazon FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. If you're a seller, Fulfillment by Amazon can help you grow your business. Learn more about the program. Children love Thomas and his friends because they can identify with their everyday friendships, squabbles and rivalries and parents love Thomas because of its entertaining wholesome qualities that teach gentle messages important in developing good morals and values.

UK Everything about A Clockwork Orange from the casting to the near-future set designs suggest that Stanley Kubrick was at the height of his creative power during this time. If, in fact, you are aware of the initial reaction to the film, Kubrick's mastery of his craft may have been too effective. He wound up voluntarily withdrawing the film from circulation in the UK in after the movie was blamed on a copycat murder and he and his wife received death threats. It was not re-released in England until after his death in In the performance of his career Malcolm McDowell is Alex, a young man of pure Id whose malevolence is matched only by his sense of aesthetics, particularly music.

Thomas and His Friends Get Along/Gallery

The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. See details for description of any imperfections. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. This provides hours of enjoyment to my 4 year old grandson. He will watch this DVD over and over. It teaches him to be nice to others and great manners.

Thomas & His Friends Get Along DVD Menu Walkthrough. Movie&TVShowPerson Loading May 3, - Uploaded by Movie&TVShowPerson

Post a Comment. Paul Larson and Laura Beaumont. Too Many Fire Engines. The Phantom Express.

By Dade Hayes. The episode definitely had the feel of everyone taking stock before a whole new chapter begins. The two grappled and traded punches and kicks. We always do.

Thomas and his friends face their fears in their boldest adventure yet! After a monstrous storm on the Island of Sodor, a landslide unearths some very unusual footprints. Thomas and Percy are eager to find out what could have made these marks but obstacles and danger seem to appear around every bend in the track.

Hi Mom!




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